Less working hours for everyone

Reading through the News app on my iPhone, I came across an article in The New York Times that talks about how productivity of workers was not reduced on reducing weekly working hours! I sometimes wonder how life would have been if I had not left my job after my baby was born? Would I... Continue Reading →

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Potty training my child

As all new parents know, potty training is one of the most critical to-do items on our checklists. Right from her infancy, I had looked forward to the day (and night!) my child would use the potty on her own. There are so many aspects to being *fully* potty trained though, that it takes a... Continue Reading →

Family Camping For Newbies

After 5 years of marriage, and with a 2 year old toddler my husband and I were ready to go on our first family camping trip. My husband had never camped before, and I had only been a few times long ago. Now that may seem odd to some, but consider that we come from... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

I'm (mildly) surprised that WordPress also has an opening "Hello World" program just like most software programming languages these days 😀 but I'm cool with it, in fact I like it. Makes everyone know this is my first blog, without having to resort to shouting on the rooftops. I am not sure what all I'll... Continue Reading →

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